Biya’s regime and killings of unarmed civilians

biya and his army maiming and killing civilians

“What happened in Bamenda and Buea, where policemen battered, maimed and wounded lawyers, went from hotel to hotel violating privacies and seizing robes reminds us all of an era where there was no freedom of speech and of expression as well as assembly in Cameroon. It makes nonsense of President Paul Biya’s claim that he is the father of democracy More...

by admin | Published 4 years ago
kids being tortured by Cameroonian army
By admin On Friday, January 13th, 2017

Kids being tortured by Cameroonian soldiers

The tyrant has unleashed his army on an unarmed population. Kids protesting on the streets are kidnapped, tortured and disappeared unlawful. There is nothing more courageous than a Cameroonian army when faced with More...