Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2019

A Roar from the Lion’s Den: Dr ChO Ayaba.

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Dr Cho Ayaba Addresses Ambazonians

Fellow Ambazonians

Even in the midst of your apprehensions I still hold bold to faith and conviction the triumph of our people over the evil forces beyond our shores. It’s a conviction rooted in determination and a desire to survive the pain of bondage and despair in the land of our birth. We ride in hope and trust but more so in defiance reflected in our vast experience as bare feet patriot volunteers battling in the trenches of doom in our dire desire to own a piece of space in this vast universe call earth. In agony and fear, uncertainty and hope, our desire to be free must overcome our differences real and artificial. In agony and pain, uncertainty and hope we must be reminded that the golden rule of revolutions across time and space beckons on us as the Never Again Generation to stand against the temptations of temporal glories rooted in hate and division, gained on the downtrodden, the fallen and deprived. History records the deeds of men written in generations not days, not months, not years. Ours is one of triumph against all odds and against forces far more powerful.

We are not still here because of our might. We are still around because for more than 100 years we have fought with honour. We have always conducted ourselves even under attack as a decent people. One million hate audios and writings will make you a president on social media. One strategic application of a good strategy will make all of us possible presidents in a real homeland

In 2019 your opinion does not count. Your strategic thinking is what matters Make Ambazonia a contender. It involves two things. Change dane guns and get strategic international stakeholders to recognize us. This is the package. Take it or die in servitude.

Dr Cho Ayaba

Leader, Ambazonia Governing Council

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