Published On: Sun, May 7th, 2017


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No reasonable educated Southern Cameroonian is still blind to the fact that LRC and SC cannot marry. For half a century, we made the experiment and it has not worked. We cannot but confess that it was a mistake our forefathers made and we are now taking responsibility to correct it.
One of the reasons why God is on our side is because, when this struggle started many including me, felt that we should maintain the values of brotherhood and bring the problem to a rapid end through federalism. By virtue of being Anglophones, we hate war and division, and love unity, God and humanity. We stood for a two state federation and thought LRC will be rational since they are also very much aware of how our brotherhood has been poorly coordinated by the two regimes of Ahidjo and Biya.  Little did we know, we had no brother.
From the Christian to the Moslem clerics, we saw no francophone spiritual group taking responsibility to advise Biya or making any good suggests on what could be done. It’s hatred for our patrimony to stay silent amidst gross injustices and evil. The spiritual organizations in Cameroon witnessed the highest manifestation of evil; one they have never experienced in our 56 years of history, but still, francophones have remained insensitive to our suffering. Needless to say there is no true spiritual organization in LRC.

I formulated twenty one steps; suggestions and procedure on how Biya could rapidly bring this problem to a permanent end. The francophone religious organizations found it heavy to present my points to their sovereign lord.

One of those points was a quick application of the decentralization modules which Biya is trying to convince the prelates to accept now throw Bishop Kleda. This was necessary to measure Biya’s good will on our plight at that time. The religious groups feared that one of the proposals I made, indicating that Biya sets up a national time frame for transition while asking for a national and international immunity, was too hard for them to  present to the “emperor.” If Cameroon is a nation, with human beings, land and sovereignty, how come one man is in power for 35 years, and no one seems to be saying a thing? Is Cameeoon a sole proprietor company? There need not be any revolution in Cameroon if the spiritual organization work the talk. The version of bible I read stipulates that we must stand for goodness even at the risk of our lives. Why do we preach what we don’t live. Last I checked, it was Mancho, a local journalist who spoke truth and was ready to die for it. Well, Cameroon will remain with her bleak future but we, SCian cannot be part of it. Francophone prelates feared for their lives and risked the peace of the whole country. It could be said without fear of contradiction that the Francophones especially the religious groups helped to make this problem chronic.   E.g Bishop Kleda is moving around with hopes to convince our clerics to betray their people and sell their souls. What he doesn’t realize is that he is adding fuel on the fire.

Only those with no soul are blind to the ravage Biya has caused both Cameroons. With Biya on seat for another two years, Cameroons will experience the worse of times ever in their economy, social and political history. I am still in the awe of understanding how a leader will rule a country like Cameroon for 35 years and could not make it an eldorado with all the natural and human resources the nations possess.

I had noted that this problem cannot be solved by Biya because of the complication of its roots; because of how Biya has entangled himself in it, and how the Anglophones are bruised. That’s why I indicated on my suggestions that with a new face on the national scene, the problem  could be controlled and not pushed towards excesses. If Anglophones were given even some little consideration at that time, they could have held on to the idea of a two state Federation.  Instead they were reduced to terrorists and treated like criminals. Up until now, there are no apologizes. It is said that good people apologize for their mistakes while great people fix them. I know Biya is not interested in fixing this problem. He does not care about Cameroonians and her citizens, talk less of SCians. But it was but necessary that the clergies of LRC and the religious organization fulfill their own portion of responsibility to fixing the destiny of Cameroon. Contrary to what many may think, God depends on the 5% portion of responsibility that humans hold to adequately act on earth especially those who label themselves as mouth pieces of God.  When last did the religious people of Cameroon especially Francopgones do something good for their nation? Since they do not know the power they hold and the responsibility they owe God, they watched for 34 years how Paul Biya transformed himself from a young adorable man to a mean dictator.  Incompetent as he has become, he is still interested in being a boss of a whole nation. A leader who has added nothing to the legacies of those he calls his predecessors, now thinks he can fool somebody that he is protecting their legacy of an invisible united Nation.  Well, Francophones may be comfortable with his mean lies and flatteries, but we cannot be part of such sicknesses when we know we have better options.

The Francophone prelates made no efforts and it’s seems it’s late to try any now. The business associations made no attempt and they will never. The politicians, the medical professionals etc, all watched Biya destroying the memories of what they have held as a Bilingual pride for ages.  Even the francophone Bayam sellams did nothing. No group of intellectuals spoke any sense since Biya made us his political puppets. They preferred to cheer-up dictator for fear of their lives. He who fears to die should not jubilate on the benefits that come from the efforts of the one who risks his life. That’s why we shall jubilate alone, far from the presence of LRC.

We all have now joined the cue of Restoration and eventual we will celebrate the true independence of our Fatherland. We shall separate from Biya and his people no matter how much that will cost us.

After I made my points to the prelates, I wrote some articles to fellow SCians to say that the best way to handle this cause is by having two distinctive groups. I believe that these groups exist already except that they are antagonistic towards each other.

The people home cannot operate under a restoration wave. It is an impossibility and we all know that. No one talks of secession or restoration in Cameroon and goes free talk less of Balla and co. who are already in the lion’s den. They cannot be talking of secession in prison although that may be their heart desires.  So long as Biya is on seat, we cannot handle restoration activities in LRC. Those who can successfully do that are the so called parliamentarians who have exchanged their souls with pearls and dread.

The people in the diaspora can handle the restoration providence and it is what they are doing already. We should end the antagonistic or insultive manner with which we talk or regard those who seem to stand for federalism. It is not helping the struggle.

Once the people at home lay the foundation for federalism which would be vehemently rejected by the diaspora, the groups abroad will easily storm the nation based on the accomplishments and platforms of those who have worked for a federated state. We know LRCians will never change even after federalism, we will see them exhibit those same threats:  They will remain corrupt, they will continiue with their arrogance; they will still be insultive, and they will want to dominate us because of their population. Also Biya cannot declare that he is letting us have our independence. It is not under his jurisdiction or power even if he wanted to do so.  It is left onto us to take our independence when we are ready to assert our restoration. This will be done through diplomatic external activities and revolutionary approach if that becomes necessary. No one is sleeping in tge diaspora. Those who sleep should think twice.

What we cannot reject from LRC is an offer on Federation. This may happen now or in the future. We must know that if Biya will give us what we have asked for, it can only be Federalism; and if he does that, his world will start an immediate crumbling like the biblical story of the walls of Jericho. From his pride to the illegal funds he gets from our resources, he will be losing this war, and we shall be winning it. I think it will be for us, a big step forward. It will be a means to an end because with or without federalism, we will restore our nationhood. Knowing that Biya is also aware of this, it is easy to predict that he will rather die than have a two state federated nation. That is the reason why we must keep the fire burning and make adequate preparations for the restoration of our country because whatever will be the circumstance, we must set free our nation.

Even as we do this, let’s remember that everyone has the right to share his or her own opinions as far as our patrimony is concerned. Everyone also has the right to criticize what anyone says, but it should be done respectfully. Until a stupid idea pops up, the wise idea could remain in slumber. As Barrister Balla said already, the values we have been deprived of by these two regimes of Ahidjo and Biya should be projected by us at all times. We some times may get upset but we must refuse to resemble Biya and his people. If we must present any opinion, strategy or idea, we must do that in all humility. We can’t lead in the present world with an autocratic tone and be labeled good or great people. This is what the Biya’s regime does not know. Look at the military parade in Bamenda. One cannot but feel sorry for LRC. If Schools write the GCE exams, will that solve the Anglophone problem which he has acknowledged does exist? Does he really think he is frightening the public? Can this be termed order. It seems to me he is leaving behind time and has lost touch with realty.  While he thinks he’s protecting the nation by using Hitler’s kinds of strategies, the world and all of us feel sorry for him and can’t but think he is sick.  In my speculations, I cannot be wrong to say he had missed a particular love or education in his youth or childhood and needs a help. No normal leader can do what he has been doing for 35 years. No matter how much we would blame the West, Biya’s case is quite exaggerated.

To conclude, I will reiterate that If we want people to accept our points of views, we must logically convince  and not intimidate them.
The moment will surely come when the ballot box will speak louder than all articles and people’s suggestions. On that day, we will know if the majority of SCian are people of vision or just Anglofools as LRC has been labelling us.

Tegha King Motivational.

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