Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

We have been using Heads and Hearts the last 54 years and we are no closer to our independence

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SCYL/AGC: Three H Solution to The Southern Cameroons Struggle and Independence

The Three H strategy Heads, Hearts, and Hands adopted by SCYL/AGC last week that saw Chairman Ayaba of The AGC and Chairman Akwanga of The SCYL speaking in Town-Halls in Maryland and London recently must be adopted and used by all the pressure groups. Alternatively all the pressure groups should agree to be a sponsor to such strategy financially with SCYL/AGC taking the lead of its implementation as they have been the only groups advocating for self-defense and have been enforcing it on the ground the last 25 years so that we can internationalizing this struggle and restore Southern Cameroons independence

We have been using Heads and Hearts the last 54 years and we are no closer to our independence

Heads: All the legal suits and UN diplomatic efforts the last 30 years that have resulted to nothing except creation of files and more files

Hearts: The demonstrations, and protests marches around the world calling on senators, diplomats, organizations to sympathize with us has been more of an emotional and human rights approach to the crisis giving room for only condemnation by our sympathizers, and yet still working with LRC

Hands: This is the only part of our body left to be used to change the state of the struggle and making this an international crisis that will initiate diplomacy and negotiations. The hand strategy is simply a universal rights to self-defense. Our people are currently being kidnapped taken across the border to LRC. Our women, daughters, sisters, and wives raped and tortured on the streets by LRC forces. Our leaders locked up in prisons, while others have escaped, and gone on self-imposed exiles, many more missing and feared dead and we seem not to believe that we are at war except we are not fighting or protecting ourselves. Until the people of SC shall rise up to defend themselves, the atrocities of LRC will continue and will get worse with time. This struggle has shaken the Bees nest, and if we do not contain it, we will be stung for the rest of our lives. We must fight back using our hands

A UN Security Council envoy back from Cameroon and taking questions from the press stated clearly that our cries are an internal matter though they are sorry kids are out of school and leaders jailed, on exile and a few death does not warrant UN or international attention. This is an indication that we have been wasting time fighting this from an emotional and humans rights angle and until we use the hand strategy the video of the UN envoy simply indicates all the Ghost towns, no schools are a waste of time for those seeking independence.

My question to all the leaders is this, now that the UN SC has spoken that our current struggle is a domestic issues what next? #TapangTanku, #Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga #Tapang Ivo Tanku #Ayaba Cho Lucas #ambomuLive

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