Published On: Sat, Feb 18th, 2017

Only a Neighborhood Watch can prevent the illegal arrests without a warrant

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If the struggle of the South Cameroonians is to survive, then they must do one and must do it now. The junta regime of Mr Biya has decided to wreck havoc within the community. His armies, stop, frisk, check phones for any political message, forcefully check WhatsApp and Facebook messages. With the collusion of the Telecoms, the GPS coordinates of those making calls or sending sms are logged and arrests occurs later.

Lately, the arrests has become rampant. If you look threatening (tall, big built, speak in pidgin with pride) you get arrested. The tragedy is that these kids are abducted and taken out of the province and charged with treason hundred of miles away in a different province.

What is the solution?

The first thing to remember is that every member of a Neighbour Watch is a volunteer. They’re there because they want to do something about crime in their community, crimes committed by the armies .

In high crime areas that means helping to reduce the incidence of crimes, and where it’s low making sure it stays that way. The Watch is also a partnership between those volunteers, local Community authority. The usage of whistles and banging of utensils could be practiced to raise awareness about the presence of illegal activities by the army in the neighbourhood. The mantra should be NO Warrant No Aresst. Cue should be taken from the Bamunka People (They came together and prevented the illegal abduction of their kids by Biya regime armies)

Perhaps the greatest contribution the Watch can make it to allow people to feel safer in their homes. That really is an important factor. People shouldn’t have to live in fear, especially the elderly, and knowing the Watch is looking out for them can relieve a lot of community stress. It increases a sense of trust in the community and a community spirit that also makes the area a better – and, of course, safer – place to live.

In fact, the mere existence of a Neighbourhood Watch can act as a crime deterrent. These armies know they’re going to be observed, their actions monitored, presence communicated and details noted if necessary.

Neighbourhood Watch sign should be hung around the neighbourhood to inform the criminal armies that we are watching and No warrant No arrest.

100 citizens can easily overwhelm 5 armies with gun. Raise the alarm. come out in numbers. surround them and ask for a warrant. The law allows for citizen’s arrest. if safe, then you can perform one else ask them to get a warrant.

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