Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

The Illegal Arrest Of LORD JUSTICE AYAH PAUL ABINE Becomes The Nightmare For Paul Biya’s Regime

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The arrest of Lord Justice Paul Ayah Abine of the Supreme Court of Cameroun has reportedly received strong condemnation from the international community.

CIR has gotten intelligence that President Biya has voiced his anger against Justice Minister Laurent Esso who lured Ayah Paul into the Supreme Court.

The arrest has made a mockery of Cameroon as a nation within international circles with some European investors pulling out of already signed business ventures. Sources at the Supreme Court hinted that the Anglophone judge cannot be tried under the prevailing circumstances and the stipulation provided for by article 629 of the penal code.

Laurent Esso who ordered his arrest has come under attack from other Francophone judges of the Supreme Court and inside sources say, Esso may be on his way out. The inexperienced Justice Minister is trying to get Lord Justice Ayah to announce that he has retired from the highest court in the land due to his age.
Understandably, Ayah is 65 and like any other Cameroonian Supreme Court judge, he can only retire when he wants. The retirement that is being proposed to him presently, has been interpreted as a diabolic harsh ploy seeking for ways and means to jail him. Lord Justice Ayah has blatantly refused to speak to junior judges at the military tribunal in Yaoundé.

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