Published On: Thu, Feb 9th, 2017

Abazonia: Blame it on Biya and not Bamenda

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As I watched the video and saw these chiefs speaking, using phrases like: the Bamenda people, it dawn to me that they are a misrepresentation of the Bakwerie people. Any morally sound Bakwerian knows that we have an anlophone problem that was caused by the the two regimes of Ahidjo and Biya. The last time I checked, the the Anglophone problem is not caused by the Bamenda people. Even President Biya; their god whom they worship, admitted that there is a problem. He didn’t say that Bamenda people were the cause. What exactly are these chiefs purporting?

What I was pondering on as I listened to their hate speechess, I thought paraventure, alcoholism could be part of their preparatory rites before meetings. It is the most appropriate speculation, I would speculate on a people I had respected for too long, and if I am wrong, then surely many have been initiated into occultic bonds with Biya, and I am not missing my words; and there is no doubt that they have pledged allegiances to the devil himself. It’s been made clearer more than ever.

The fact that Biya has been in power for 35 years would provoke allergies on any rational, normal thinking person. What that means is that there is only one capable human with leadership skills in Cameroon and so these chiefs are accepting that they should be labelled as morons, that is why we are mocked by Ghana, and by the kids of the West. These chiefs think, the bad image of our country, the poor leadership and bad economy, the unemployment and the poverty should be blamed on the Bamenda people. There is nothing wrong with the Betis and Bulus,  the francophones and France. They are doing just fine. The problem is the Bamenda people.

I lived with my grand father: Mbamba Joseph Lingodo Muambo, under the fako Mountain at Likoko and use to climb up that sloppy mountain even at the age 10 to farm with my grandmum, cousins and aunts, in a land that has plenty of resources beneath it. In Kuwait, children at ten don’t go to the farm. These chiefs should come and ask me  and I will tell them the dynamics of the passage of time. By all indications, they are confused and need deliverance.

Which of the stories should I tell, for the world to hear and correct this stupidity? Is it the hard economic climatic conditions that has forcefully droven most of us out of the country? As a “nq’wana Boa, why am I here?”  Is it not because of the frustration these two regimes of LRC forced us into that has dispersed almost all of us into foreign lands? I once asked my female cousin who at the time was in the university in Buea in 2001, what she wanted  to become after studies, she honestly answered that she didn’t know. That is the Cameroon of Paul Biya. I met junior and many bakwerie boys roaming the streets of dangerous Lagos, and some living in the worse of ghettos in Abuja, after sailing on scary oceans to look for greener pastures in foreign lands. Is this the kind of government our chiefs should be protecting? Are these chiefs insinuating that Bamenda people caused these frustrations and migration out of Cameroon?

Kedo a talented young Bakwerie rapper left limbe at age 16 in 2001 to look for greener pastures in Benin. I mean, we just want to go to anywhere because the system is not profitable for us except for  some few chiefs and some few elites who now want to talk for us. Please, don’t talk for us. We are doing it by action. The  Kedo I mentioned above, would later join a ship to Spain and was repatriated to Senegal. He was lucky, the Moroccan sailors didn’t drop their group into the waters. I still have the testimony of Kedo on audio. Libya, Gambia, Algeria you name it. He was in all of these nations. For what?  These Chiefs should be reminded that Biya’s daughter spends hundreds of dollars on some days, as transport to school, on a limousine. These chiefs don’t see anything wrong with that. They are looking at the “Bamenda people.”

Alfred my own brother from the same womb was shot in Angola in an adverture for greener pastures because Biya’s regime finances these chiefs and keep them as “Mumus” while Biya and France exploit our land at the risk of our future. When Alfred returned to limbe after a divine intervention on his life. I saw for the first time what a major operation looks like on his stomach. His stomach hard a rough, big, puffy scar and when he ate “equang,” his intestines moved from the center to the left side, piled like a moving snake in sac. Very scary indeed.  What are these chiefs upto? What is it that you want to tell us , that you speculate we don’t know? We have been observing you from a distance and your jaws say it all. “Wuna doh chop florp”

So, it is no problem that we do not have a major sea port in the SW;  It is ok that we have no air ports again. A new brand airport is just been celebrated in Bertuoa. You should check that on the net. You have not heard that taxes from Sonara are all been paid in Douala. Your brain is short to thinking that it is normal for the Cameroon bank to have been closed down to our own disadvantage  and you think it is a bamenda problem?  All of our ligitimate claims do not mean anything to you. Scholars, teachers, lawyers, bike riders, students, nearly all of the cvil servants, business people, bayam sellam etc are complaing, striking in your faces. You know their problems, you wouldn’t address them, but the Bamenda people. You are only thinking of yourselves, and in that greed you are writing the worst chapters of the history of your lives. Do you know how many North Westerners are married to South Westerners? I am a product of such union and there is nothing that gives me joy as being a perfect product of the SC nationality.

Dear SC youths, “Bamenda people” didn’t cause our frustration. It is these chiefs and Biya who are to blame and they will pay for their evils. They should have considered that their kids all round the globe are not crazy. Lapiro sang that, “Na ngemey dey me, I no dey papulay.” We are frustrated by the regime and we are making serious efforts to bring about a change. If you, chiefs, have nothing to contribute, stay quiet and watch us.  To start pointing fingers on our brothers, in this cause, so that you may provoke tribal sentiments is  unacceptable.  We shall be united more than ever, we promise you that. We are not fighting a provincial or tribal war. We are bigger than that.  We are looking for our patrimony, our nation and with the help of God we will succeed. Somebody should help me tell them that God will not turn his back on us. If you left nothing for us, we shall not die without leaving behind something for our children. If you thought like us, we will not be in this war. You thought of yourself only.  Wretched souls. You should rob wood ash on your body and fast for seven days and seven nights that God may forgive your sins against your descendants.

I mean, in Nigeria, the boy Junior, I met earlier, had to lie that his mother was dead, and that he had no father. He was trying survival tactics. He was looking for anyone who could sympathize with him and give him something to do.  Yes, his country was dead. A nation with chiefs like these, can only validate junior’s lies as allegorical truth.  There are no jobs and no orientation to any good future. The chiefs and LRC are forcing parents to work hard and spend the hard earned money to send kids to school, and after school keep them at home. Oh, but  SONARA has white collar jobs, and it is for the chosen-the Francophones alone. In our own land? Where is Bamenda fitting in all of these? Dear chiefs, are your own kids working in Sonara? What a shame! Has there ever been a bakwerian as director of SONARA?  Do you mean to say you are so dull that from 1972 when sonara was created, up until now, South West has never been able to have a capable person to lead sonara or be the president of Cameroon?  Ask those questions and stop blaming it on the rain. How many Bakwerians work in SoNaRa?

Where should I even start this lamentation? Should I talk of our brothers and sisters who only live by selling sim cards or ride bikes to make a living after the university. Time  has passed so fast and the old chiefs don’t realize that this is a new age. We cannot be divided again because we now know who is behind your scheme. This is the era of the internet and things aren’t hidden anymore. It is Biya and you who want to hide the truth, and will disconnect internet paying heavy bills to the telecommunication companies  instead of using that money to solve our myriad anglophone problems that keep us in poverty and render us agitated.   Dear chiefs, this time around you missed it. Tell the devil we know how he looks like, we know how he thinks, and we shall resist him.

This new generation do not need you at all on this cause. The success we have had so far was done without you, just as your efforts now will make no impact. Let us die in trying. At least history will record that we were not like you.  We have taken our destiny in our hands, and we shall proudly take over from you, and be remembered as brave young people who worked the talk, and wrote a new chapter in the history of our land, as you pass on to the world of our ancestors, to knash your teeth there, because you did nothing for your people.

The Bulus and the Betis are passing a pipe line through your asses to extract oil and make limbe redundant. You don’t get the sensation since most of you are already occultically antidoted.  You are rather looking  at the Bamenda man’s genuine efforts who works like anyone else to make a living. If you move to America and work hard, you will shine. A kneyan became a president because he worked hard.  Biya and the Francophones in Buea, in Limbe and other towns in the SW, occupy the posts we should have been occupying.  True or false? Tell me how they are working hard. By virtue of the fact that sonara is in limbe, you should have been having heavy oil contracts. How many Bakwerians have oil contracts? How many are even facilitators?

Francophones have simply taken what is legitimately ours and your occultic brains can figure it out. You are missing in action by fighting in the wrong direction. Direct this energy to the cause and have at least a legacy to live behind because as it stands now, you have nothing to show. Take a picture of Kuwait  and see how limbe will look like when we take over. The era of divide and rule don’t work anymore. Forget it, and try some thing else. You are a passing generation, we are the active ones who hold the future. I bet you, if you win us, you have won the future as well. No one will need a prophetic mumbling to know how bleak the future will be. We have a God that fight battles without armory. You watch and see. Take your brains and keep them at home. They are not helpful. We will do it all by ourselves.

A handfull of  you are making noises because you are well fed and people come to bow n worship you. The majority who are hungry don’t speak- they act. NO SCHOOLS UNTIL WE GET WHAT WE WANT, and when we are done, these chiefs will face our wrath except they change now.

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