Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

Internet/media blackout: Crimes behind closed doors by Biya in Southern Cameroon

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After kidnapping and taking to La Republique du Cameroun all dissenting voice, the Junta regime of Mr Biya has gone on an all out assault on the public .

Any call to civil disobedience is considered treason.

The authorities are bent on breaking the will of the people. Shop owners are punished and arrested for refusing to open their shops. School owners are harassed and others arrested for refusing to open their schools.

The Consortium confirms that Ghost Town is fully in force. From Buea, Bamenda, Kumba, Tiko, Mamfe etc. Our people are being resolute. NO SCHOOL RESUMPTION. The unity is stronger than before. We continue to call for the unconditional release of our leaders and all persons arrested.

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