Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017


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We all acknowledge the fact that Southern Cameroon has been in a union with LRC that was categorized by injustice, marginalization, corruption, incompetence of especially the last regime; bad governance, insecurity, insensitivity of our real problems, violation of human rights and what have you; and for 56 years, this is the very first time we have come close to victory and with the help of God, we shall win this war. During these past wasted years, we have seen and heard it all, and that is probably why we don’t want it anymore.  Many will seriously frown at the option of a federated state including me. Below are some proposals which are quite popular except that I have given them some flesh, and hope these and many other options put together will help us make the historic choices that shall define our destiny so that we may be left without any regrets on earth and the life beyond. We must at all cost avoid making the types of mistakes our forefathers did in the 60s.

Firstly, it is important that S.C goes in for a kind of question and answer exercise, just not to call it a referendum here, but a democratic exercise that my help the democratic rule of the “the winner takes it all” apply at least at the level of social media. An app may be develop for that. I think it is important. It is indispensable that we clear the undemocratic air on federalism and Independence’ options held by the various factions. Some people are radical on their options and this may stifle the struggle at certain points in the nearest future. The consortium and the other groups that are representing us in one way or the other, should avoid associating themselves with groups that many may have tagged as enemies, except with the approval of the people. Few days ago I was informed that there are moves to bring the cause to the Francophones. People need to know how relevant this is. It may be a smart move considering that Biya may never return on seat. If the Francophones start an uprising or go in to strike like we are doing now, it may go a long way to stop the Beti military government that Biya’s people are setting up already. The new governmental setup may complicate our cause especially if the rumors of a fake coup d’état comes to pass. We cannot imagine the human casualties. However good the decision of the consortium may be, it is important that it be inclusive, involving the groups and factions of the revolution in all parts of the globe.

As it stands now, very few people in the diaspora will willingly support the option of federalism if we have not proven beyond reasonable doubt that the independence or restoration option is an impossibility at this time. Even if we end up with the Federalism option, many will still want to be certain that a possible independence could be demanded and be reached in the future; and this must be enshrined in the new Federal constitution. If the consortium goes in to arrange a deal for a two federated state, they may become unpopular even after achieving it, because it may not be the will or desire of the majority. Even with the democratic mini referendum exercise that I am talking about, the final choice may not completely be the desire of the majority, but it may become the voice of the people because of its democratic undertone. Believe it or not, this struggle got its strength from the democratic foundation of the social media. I am not by this saying that the procedure be limited only to those on the social media, but it is no lie that this war has been fuelled more by people on the social media, and it is actually the social media-generation that is still taking the major decisions on the cause. I cannot emphasize on this enough.

Secondly, I believe that we all need to familiarize with possible diplomatic options which our opponents and our various leaders of different factions may go into and negotiate on our behalf. It is important that our choice of destiny be made base on proper reason and from a democratic footing. The people need to know about some of the analysis on Federalism and Independence or restoration, which many have not yet raised. Before choosing any of the options, that is; Federalism or Independence, It is my hope that various individuals, leaders of the consortium, and other group leaders look deeply into these suggestions, analyze and shape them, and diplomatically handle the SC cause to a fruitful end as soon as possible.


1. FEDERATION: If we will settle for federalism, our population disadvantage may limit our decisions and keep us weak in many areas.  Therefore, the federalism’s system should be fashioned to hold a rotatory presidential power setup, (RPPS,) that must be enshrined in the constitution so that power moves from LRC to SC and Vice versa after every eight years, (or a specific number of years that may be decided later.)

That is: all political parties of the SC state will have one Local Coordinating Organ (LCO) and same for the Francophones or LRC side. The two organs shall coordinate their activities independently, but presidential and (may be other elections) shall be coordinated by a united federal electoral commission, (UFEC.)

Note: Candidacy to presidential elections may be presented via those organs to the commission.  Once the UFEC comes out with results of presidential elections, they open up the winning LCO to eight years of presidential power coordinated in line with the constitution. Within each LCO, presidential election shall hold every four years. An incumbent may continue to an eight year mandate in accordance with the electoral decision of the LCO, but elections would be held every four years within the circles of LCOs among the political parties that may be.  In a case of a change of the presidential candidate of the ruling LCO, the LCO will hand their new candidate to Parliament for scrutiny and endorsement in accordance with the constitution, thus, the parliament will be expected to endorse or re-endorse an incumbent only within the terms of two mandates.

Except these organs and procedures, and even more of such initiatives are solidly enshrined in the federal constitution and applied accurately, SC cannot be comfortable in a relation where they are considered as two cubes of sugar in a someone’s soaked garri.

2. INDEPENDENCE: It is true that many people may not know how the world is ran, and how minorities the world over suffer when prudent diplomacy is not applied at the right time. We want nothing short from Independence and so, I will advise that if we would compromise at all, the sacrifices should be done to get our independence more than a federated state, except if the majority prefers otherwise. The following suggestions could be added to the consortium’s list of suggestions for the restoration option.

i.) Southern Cameroon may go on a deal with France to handle both LRC and SC as two Independent nations, on a different foreign relational foundation with different diplomatic terms, and with a different currency if possible.  The early we can engage France on these, the better because the possibility to avoid war is eluding us gradually.  If we do not fight the tendency now, LRC will soon be fighting among themselves and we cannot stay unaffected. Except that we all may not be targeting our main problem. If we have an allied to rely on now, it is time we take the offensive and get back our land. If we have no support coming from abroad, this opinion cannot leave the table. There is fire on the mountain and the strategies of peaceful strikes or ghost towns will soon lose their weight because more and more psychopaths are taking over the nation. We must be ready in all ways and at all times. The UN has its ways, and we all know that they are very slow, and many a time unrealistic. They may tell us they are coming and only come when thousands have lost their lives.

ii.) To antedate the creation of the two Independent nations, we may compromise by luring France with the idea of maintaining the bilingual setup in the Abazonia.  (That is if we do not yet have any foreign allied who may be strong and ready enough to bring this cause to a successful diplomatic or military end.) This option has been booed many times whenever I raced it up in forums, but in international relations, we need to dialogue and dialogue cannot be true dialogue without the least compromise. There are some sacrifices we must make whether we like it or not.

iii) Southern Cameroon may also promise France and LRC good diplomatic ties as soon as our sovereignty is liberated, since we have already a lot of Social and business connections and other connections between us. We need to prove to both France and LRC that our relations could become more profitable than what it has been all the while because it will include trust and mutual respect. No one needs to be stealing and be hiding anything from anyone, and that is better relations because it will last. France needs long term investments and not build businesses on shallow foundations that may collapse at any time. For example, if they were reasonable enough all the while, they would not be involved in these kinds of uprising in the SC. These has cost them just as it has cost us. It is not necessary, and if they cannot see it, we have to let them do so.  France therefore could also be lured with promises of good diplomacy.  If this is not done already, I pray our leaders do that as soon as possible, except they have a better plan which of cause, I will like to be part of.


The truth of the matter is the Beti Government that is now without Biya who could be a little reasonable in diplomacy, is filled with fear, suspicion and it’s prone to terrible errors. France can put some order in the house if we let them. But without that, war is inevitable, and like I said the other time, we can still choose war.  If we decide to get a different allied apart from France, we will not expect that France will stay calm. Worse still, if we decide not to have any allied at all but stay home with our strike, we shall finally be served with the fake peace that the Beti guys are fabricating now at Etoudi with France, and many of our folks who may be tired with the strike actions could be won to the wrong side. So, just as we are striking, that is how we must be thinking and be working. We must think of any possible means to at least defend ourselves and one of it is getting an allied as soon as possible. As we sit with the option of peace and none violence it doesn’t stop, the moronic regime from committing the worst mistakes in history. The mistake of dissolving the consortium; catching the leaders and jailing them up speaks for itself. We can only pray that God intervenes as soon as possible, but mind you, nothing good can come from this particular group. In few hours some of our leaders of the cause will be brought to their lawless court. What they have installed for them, we do not know. We could never have let this happen if we had some strong partners already. The frustrated regime that has Biya no more, at its helm, has only one strategy now and that is: Instilling fear on people, because they think, it really works. It is the only thing they have been trained for many years to do, and do well. I am afraid we are still to get another shock from that regime because it has completely lost control.  Some people are still thinking there is some little sanity left in the government of Biya. The earlier we wake up, the better for the cause.

If our stance in this war is still to sit home and pray, it is good, but not good enough. We need an allied, and God had given us one-free-close allied many months ago. She was there all these while and from day one, I had pointed to her importance except that we were just starting the revolution and many didn’t know it was going to last this far. We just need to re-strategize.  As the regime is changing strategies we also need to be proactive. Propagating the idea of Federalism and winning the Francophone sympathy as much as possible is a good thing at this point in the cause. The suggestion to alienate is miscalculated. I am thinking aloud. The system has become confused, precarious and seriously fragile. The fake foundation of this nation is shaking and we must ride on that advantage to get back our land. Francophones need a change of leadership and we want the restoration of our sovereignty. By all indication, we’ve inspire them with our courage. This is a big advantage for the cause. Asking for session may win the heart of those Francophones who absolutely want Biya to go at all cost, but a strong song on Federalism will bring at least 80- 90% of the Francophones on board.

If we win the Francophone sympathy and they join the cause even on social media now, It will disperse the energy of the regime and give us some breathing space to rise. This could seriously antedate the destabilization of the whole system and may even prevent a successful military takeover that France wants to fake. If by that time France has listened to our request, and is in anyway diplomatic, there is no way our independence shall elude us.  We do don’t need to give the impression to France that she is our target especially not now. When we are done with our sovereignty, then we can unite with other African nations that are disgruntled with France to seek justice at international levels, or again, use other means if she remains unreasonable.  If France does not see reason in our twin-country request now, she will be forced to fix the whole of the Francophone uprising when they join the cause and start booing her dominance at the point of no return.  Presently, we have to channel our energies to achieving one thing at a time.  When Wirba takes the stage at any point in time, we should not be worried that she is not talking of our independence. We all need to educate our people about that. Wirba by virtue of his position is limited to talking on Federalism alone and believe me, we will have our independence. By nature of their setup, the consortium cannot talk of Independence openly either

Although I am a secessionists, it is important that we unite with the consortium’s decisions and be one voice like never before. But as said earlier, the consortium and the other groups must use all means to let people know they are part of the decisions they are taking because this is Abazonia’s choice of destiny: Federalism or Independence; and it is completely a new chapter in our history that must kick off with the spirit of democracy.

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