Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017


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As days pass by, our struggle is taking a different tone.  In my last article, I said that once the public joined this revolution, we were no more at the level of seeking for a federation or teachers and Lawyers administrative adjustments, but our independence.

We must recall that the foundation of our Independence was layed by very special people, some few decades ago, under the vehicle of SCNC. Our lack of unity during that time made us remain in the desert instead of entering the promise land after 40 years of slavery in the hands of LRC.   It was still under that same vehicle and spirit that the dream of our destination was sliced into two parts and the SDF was found. Permit me to exaggerate that Mr. John Fru Ndi understands the power of the voice of the people more than anyone else because the people made him what he is today.

However, since the day he chose to take a different track, he has been lingering in the desert with a multitude of our people, unable to deliver, and unable to give them tangible hope. Mr. John Fru Ndi believes he will be president of the LRC one day; a big dream like that of  Léopold Sédar Senghor on the government of France. No one should be criticised for dreaming. It’s a good thing to dare, except when the daring is seemingly an illusion.  At least Senghor had the chance to become a member of the  Assemblée Nationale Française  just as Fru Ndi have also had his chance to lead a chain of deputies in the LRC government. Who knows if he will be made president of LRC some day? We are not God. But what he shouldn’t fail to note is that, by that time, we shall not be there. We must have found settlement in our Abazonian nation unfailingly.  In fact, he should do intensive French courses so that he will perfect his french, and give out good speeches, lest he’ll be disgraced with rotten eggs on stage.

With the banning of SCNC and The Consortium, by LRC’s government,
I believe that the time has come for John Fru Ndi to lead his party  into the original spirit from which it emerged. We have one enemy for now, and his name is Biya. If we had strategized well when I was blowing the trumpet of having a close allied, we would have tumbled the government of Biya using the Francophones and gaining our independence even sooner. But it is not late.  More and more, many Francophones are beginning to think that our ccourage is worth commending and for sure, many will join this cause if we strategize well.  The time has come for Fru Ndi to lead his people to right direction of history. Let me help break it down:

1. He should lobby his francophone Parliamentarians to join the cause for a good deal in the Abazonian country. (That will be delivered when we must have had our independence.) It could be a petroleum deal or any other deal. These will rapidly help break down the Biya’s administration. These are the opportunities and chances an opposition party cannot delay to grab and make use of, especially if such a party is really out to serving the interest of the people.

2. After our independence those parliamentarians of LRC will be heroes in their country and will boast even in the for bein the ones who truly brought down the indomitable Biya to his knees and out of the seat. Once the SDF parliamentarians quit the Parliament of LRC, and Anglophones set a Parliament at the SC region, the war has been won and Biya will be unable to resist tension from the rest of the Francophones. LRC will go into chaos because with such a scene the government will be weakened, and many francophones will see clearly that Biya cannot gurantee them brighter days ahead. This will help germinate new heros in the LRC that will challenge Biya openly. This kind of atmosphere is needed to distabilize Biya’s government and give us international hold. Like I have said already, let God help Fru Ndi to see things in this light. In politics nothing is impossible. It is filled with lobbying and if the game is well done, we shall win this war faster than we had ever imagined. But Fru Ndi may decide to not follow this my humble option and witness the blood bath that he could avoid. Once Biya has problems from both sides, his military power will be weakened because he will be forced to disperse them. The force of reinforcement will be distabilized and we can ride on time by ambushing and taking arms from them when they attack to kill us. We need to stand ready for war now. It is what Biya has declared. If we had armed body guards our people wouldn’t be picked up and carried to God knows where. For how long shall we be treated like this?

3. In striking or rioting, we need to plan a series of strikes or riots to be carried out at the same time so that military reinforcement from LRC will not be stronger than the public. We should target going away with weapons, ammunitions and conquered soldiers or Gendarmes every time we are attacked. Those captured would be released only when they have released our own people. We should not lose out this time around. Biya is not ready to give us any of the options that we have tabled on board. He is trying to test our patience because he knows we are armless and have no foreign allieds.

4. Paul Biya has lost popularity in every aspect and age is his  number one enemy. Any elite who cannot visualize how miserable his life and that of his family will be like if Biya suddenly dies, or even when he will die in the nearest future, does not love himself and dosn’t love his children and grand children either.  Anyone hanging around Biya’s regime is a moron who can’t read the handwriting on the wall. If our elites want to make history, this is the moment.

5. They are some few things we must be doing now, to prepare for eventualities. With Biya, we must always prepare for eventualities and at all times. In my article entitled “Abazonians we are, and no two ways about it,” I sighted that, Biya has been given in to evil like Pharaoh so that only his own evil would destroy him. I also said that we must be prepared not only with words but also with actions because Biya will never give into our demands. The smile the minister Ndongo was wearing like “a monkey on heat” was no good sign but many could not figure it out. The consortium’s request for a referandum which LRC’s team had seemed to compromise with, was a big blow to their government. They have realized that it was an error on their ego, and that is how God wants to punish Biya, like he did with Pharoah.  In their confusion however, they are trying tactics of intimidation. So that whatever they will throw to us, we mustn’t resist but accept. Pharoah was ready to face the Israelites. What he didn’t know was how God and the Israelites were determined to leave Egypt. In like manner, ready as he is, Biya doesn’t know how much we have been grieved, and how much we are determined to go. So we must start to:

1. Set up a temporary government as soon as possible.

2. Especially, set up a special place were  young Abazonians may start military training no matter how remote the curriculum would be. Even now, Biya is preparing like never before to send the BIRS into our Country. We cannot just be  running. If we cannot face them we need to apply gorilla warfare tactics. Anyone who spill the blood of  an Abazonian fron now on, shall be punished in like measure. They should be warned that we shall not permit them take our children or heroes and lock them up anymore. We too should create a cell to luck-up their people.  If any child is arrested, “Abazonian liberation force” which should be created as soon as possible, shall target a child of a popular person in their government and kidnap him or her until our children are liberated. We cannot keep on running. They have declared total war, and we cannot be passive. This is how war between two nations are fought. This is not a tribal war. It is an inter-nation war. We cannot be short and we’ll remain praying, athough we have to pray even harder. We cannot keep on taking the punches without fighting back. Enough is enough!

3. Our leaders should intensify the UN relations, and the chiefs should form an association that will innodate the UN, the USA, France and the UK with mails and emails on daily bases. A stream of none stop mails from the chiefs and elites even from youths of the SC should flood the UN’s emails and post boxes, of their embassies, both home and abroad. Any chief who resist to align with the revolution is trying to tell us that he sees nothing wrong with LRC’s rudeless exploitation of our land. Such a chief must be dethroned immediately. How to do this should be very simply: An assembly of elders should hold a meeting with a the people’s representatives and declare the chief a traitor. A new chieftency should be erected immediately even in the house of a someone, and a new chief elected, out from the royal lineage of the former. It is God who appoints leaders and he makes them through people. A leader is no leader without people.   We are creating a new history and the old systems must align, or be side lined.

4. We should push the responsibility of an Abazonian Parliament on the head of Wirba immediately and let his president, Fru Ndi endorse his leadership.  He should be the first to resign as a parliamentarian and ask his boss to push the rest of the Anglopnes and good will Francophones to join us or stay with Biya and die as traitors of their nations.

Wirba should be cajoled to be the first to declare the Formation of the SC Parliament. For that to happen, we need to let him know we count on him and we shall accept nothing less than total independence.

5. This is the time, to think broadly, if we we do not have a foreign allied to back us up, we must hastily do so. We cannot win this type of war without a backup. If there is no hope to fine one sooner, then we must turn back to France. We should promise continue ties with her once she helps to cut us off from LRC or continue to see us strike and die for our freedom. I don’t think they are that stupid to choose the latter beacause they will be losing almost nothing.  Our terms must be good enough and not like the ones LRC had signed earlier with them more than 5 decades ago. We shall start our relations on a neutral ground. All the contracts she had signed with LRC will not be apply on us. I think we have been bitten once already and we have learned our lessons.  LRC cannot give them a better deal than us because we are the ones with the natural resources.

6. One of the strongest points that could make France succumb to a deal is if we promise that English and French will still be the two official languages of Abazonia. I hope we who have had the opportunity to be educated can add reason on emotions and face the realities on the ground now. We need to be diplomatic and we must avoid biting more than we can chew.

Dear compatriots, a drowning man can lean on a log of wood just as he can naively take refuge in the mouth of a shark, but one must pray God, that the shark be transformed into a good dolphin and should bring him safely on clean shores. Let us not only pretend that everything is fine. If France is that Shark that may help us take one step forward to our independence, then let’s hide there for now if and only if we can, except someone  has a better option.

(My next article will deal on why I think France as a western nation, is still our safe haven for now)

Tegha King.

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