Published On: Sat, Jan 14th, 2017

A free lesson on how to subjugate the citizenry by Paul Biya

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Angel Enoh wrote to The Ambazonian Times thus:

biya and lesson on corruption and subjugation of Cameroonians

biya and lesson on corruption and subjugation of Cameroonians

Dear World governments, if you need lessons on how to :-
– gang up with electricity supplier to turn power supply off and keep the whole area in darkness
– control all local mobile companies and ask them to threaten the population with SMS messages
– drag negotiations into 10 hour meetings back to back to ensure people are tired and will not make sound judgment
– rally the military to operate in the dark to limit or make it impossible for people to record with their phones and expose you
– how to offer lots of cash( bribery) as a negotiation strategy
– how to make sure people don’t protest peacefully by torture, unlawful arrest and sexual abuse
– how to marginalise a population by cutting off their oxygen supply
– how to accept deadly pharmaceutical testing on the people in exchange for money

Then hurry up to the republic of crayfish Cameroon while passing through France to pick up the project supervisor.

By these means there is guaranteed longevity in power.

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