Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Federalism or independence? Words from the people

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Federalism or independence? A life threatening balancing act

Federalism or independence? A life threatening balancing act
WITHOUT PREJUDICE: Thankfully, the internet has made it profoundly easy for us to share thoughts and learn of different opinions from different individuals across a very vast spectrum.

A large percentage of Ambazonians still wallow in a pool of doubts, misgivings and a battered sense of uncertainty with regards to which doctrine to follow, let alone, propagate; federation or outright independence. The more the dusts linger and fail to settle permanently, the more ideological conflicts are born, paving way for the calculative Mvomeka’a tyrant to use every known weakness to his much needed advantage.
Well, if you are one of those still needing persuasions to go out there and canvass for complete autonomy, these are few pointers to bear in mind and help ease your decision.
PAUL BIYA WILL STILL BE PRESIDENT: As you must have observed, Mr. Biya loves the throne. A federal state will not dethrone him. Lest you forgot, he is the king of kings and soon to be lord of lords. Like me, you must have watched how he singly orchestrated the name changes of a 475,442 km² land with not even one person, out of 22.25 million to oppose him. Genius, huh: Federal, United, Republic and now, the Indivisible Republic of Cameroon. Do you still want that?
PAUL BIYA DOESN’T RESPECT US: Not only does he disrespect our crowned chiefs and Fons by abominably shaking hands with them, attempting to bribe them via his stooges, his wife, with all the money and resources looted from our provinces cannot even represent us internationally with a decent hairstyle, making us an image of mockery on center stage. Is that what you want?
HE CALLS US TERRORISTS. We know that the best relation one can keep with a terrorist is distance, a good distance. That he has managed to do and we respect that. To further prove that we truly are, he unleashed his dogs to inhumanely suck virginity out of our university girls, maimed our brothers who were peacefully asking for dialogue, and authorized the destruction of our properties built from our sweat. Are you still considering federation?
IN HIS MIND, WE ARE IMBECILES. Out of pressure and fear of losing popularity, he has released some of our brothers arrested arbitrarily, some of whom were actually taken from home on their beds. As our people welcomed their released brothers in one town, he is busy making more arrests in another. How stupid does he think we are, to not realize he always wants leverage? And then he suggests dialogue with the parents and relatives of those he is keeping against their will. Still haven’t made up your mind?
PAUL BIYA DOESN’T LIKE CAMEROON: As we all know by now, he only visits Cameroon to avoid a possible coup and to confirm that his Generals are still in check. Some people will argue that he visits often because he likes it. As a tourist, that is absolutely correct. As a 34/35 year sitting presidents, please remind me where he banks and where his investments are. As a matter of fact, the educational system in his country has degraded so badly, he cannot even send his own children to the very best private schools in Cameroon for lack of quality. Tell me if federation is still your choice or does it come with emergence 2035?

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