Published On: Mon, Jan 9th, 2017

Citizens arrest: Can you legally arrest an army or police officer violating your right to civil disobidience

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The law is not there only to protect the police officer but fundamentally to protect you as a citizen

The law is not there only to protect the police officer but fundamentally to protect you as a citizen

Extreme situations call for extreme  solutions, if you are in for a bull fight without a shadow of doubt, you must increase the flow of adrenaline in your body to muscle the attack and to achieve  that, your body develops inoculated stress resilience against all odds. If hunters learn to shoot without missing, the birds must learn to fly without perching, the bible in John 17-3 says “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you , the only true God and of the one whom you sent forth Jesus Christ”. This is eloquent testimony to the fact that knowledge is power , many people fall victim to army / police brutality , arbitrary arrests and unprecedented violations of their basic rights simply because they are ignorant of the law or let alone do not want to be caught on the wrong side of it but,  be advised that the law is not there only to protect the police officer but fundamentally to protect you as a citizen. The application of common law in southern Cameroon in its integrality takes root from 1900 institution of common law in Southern Cameroon and the Federation of Nigeria . It’s stated there in that any law that does not respond to the principles of social justice and equity shall be  repugnant. By implication therefore, no one and l repeat no one is deemed to exercise or cause to do so , to inflict pain, injury or distress to another where if placed in similar or same situation wouldn’t take it.

As a society, community of people with rights to limb and life , we are endowed with rights that we more often than not overlook , be informed therefore that you have a fundamental duty to ensure that not only  your safety and security are guaranteed but the safety and security of those living around you as well, we have to be each others keeper, that fundamental duty cuts across the board and holds true for every body , no body is above the  law , it is our duty to arrest and bring to justice members of the forces of law and order caught in bridge of their duties or in gross violations of call of service, it will be a gross dereliction of duty if forces of law and order  are caught in acts of violence or gross violations of human rights abuses  such as those that happened a month ago in Southern Cameroons where soldiers broke in to students  residents , raped , tortured and maimed them and we sit and watch them go scotch free, we have a duty to stand up and fight against such injustices and speak out loudly and clearly. If a regime chooses to maintain its stay in power through state sponsored terrorism, bribery and corruption that has become ingrained in a system like that of president Paul Biya’s regime, as illustrated in recent attempts to corrupt and bribe local chiefs of Southern Cameroons, union leaders and other stake holders in the current ongoing strike , then historically, the masses have been left  with no choices than to resist , glaring examples abound , the BOLSHEVICK revolution in  RUSSIA and the storming of the BASTILLE in FRANCE attest the facts.
Now is the time to act as blood sucking regime known as La Republigue has positioned itself to wipe out on the face of the globe the people of Southern Cameroon , time is not on our side,   stand up and fight for our father-land with every thing we have, God is on our side.

In finality, this writer admonishes that everything should be done within the ambit of the law.

Mofor. C

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