Published On: Mon, Jan 9th, 2017

Are Ambazonian youths gearing for an armed struggle?

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Besides a very riveting and a rare mixture of colorful and an aesthetic culture, the people of Ambazonia are only known again for one and one thing only; the love, admiration and respect they have for the same culture.

Are the youth gunning for an armed struggle

Are the youth gunning for an armed struggle

A culture which forbids disrespect, promotes tolerance, abhors moral decadence, frowns upon partiality, yet, succumbs to full and inalienable loyalty to their ancestral kings, kingdoms and chiefdoms.

Such loyalty, a sacred privilege, practiced and passed on from one generation to another by our forefathers, has today been desecrated, “desanctified”, and adulterated. Desecrated by our own custodians who are supposed to uphold the same culture: Shaking hands with none titled men and women against the provisions of our gods, ancestors and laws of our land, rushing to Yaoundé at every lip kissing opportunity to sing praises to a French puppet who sees them as nothing other than beggars. These and other acts of treason and the marginalization of Southern Cameroonians have angered both the gods of our land and the youth in particular, who have vowed to cleanse the soil by reigniting the spirits of great men such as, Ruben Um Nyobe, Ernest Ouandié, Félix-Roland Moumié etc. (all of blessed memory) brutally assassinated by the same French colonial power that controls the Cameroon economy, that considers Southern Cameroon inexistent.

Online polls denote massive support to fight back with blood and fire, the overwhelming injustices of a marriage of inconvenience, which has failed in 55 years to provide, quality education, comprehensive medical system, employment, farm to market roads, just to name but a few. On the other hand, the marriage, now commonly referred to as the gangster regime, has excelled exponentially in corruption, nepotism, tribalism, etc. plunging its own youths to flee the country for greener pastures.

The recent waves of rape, militarizing of towns and institutions of learning, unaccounted disappearances of Ambazonians, arbitrary arrests, looting and horrendous destruction to properties have left the youths asking for military training. They argue that enough lives have been lost and that it is time to face the music.

Many have appealed to the diaspora community to look into funding the purchase of arms, provide military training to the youths and get them ready for the days darker ahead. To substantiate their claims, they have reminded the diaspora of the following:

uMkhonto we Sizwe: (abbreviated as MK, Xhosa for “Spear of the Nation”) which was the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC), co-founded by Nelson Mandela in the wake of the Sharpeville massacre. Like the ANC (African National Congress, the youth of Southern Cameroons can no longer limit itself to nonviolent protests in the fight against La Republique.

Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) which was the military wing of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), a militant African nationalist organisation that participated in the Rhodesian Bush War against white minority rule, led by Herbert Chitepo.

Summarily, they have given these two of many successful examples to demonstrate that, these patriots, who did not even have the technologies and facilities at their disposal, sacrificed their lives for a course they believed in. With almost nothing, they fought against well-established armies bearing sophisticated military infantry and earned years of military drilling and experience.

Pointing to hard facts in a move to ascertain their defense and win more sympathizers to the struggle, the Ambazonian youth have gone beyond talking to do some research on the strength of the la Republique military. Ranked 106 out of 126 according to GFP power index rating, the overzealous army seem to excel well in the following areas; rape, maiming, looting of property and physical abuse of unarmed and peaceful civilians unprovoked. With almost effortless access to information today, the youths have made use of  a website that gives a detail insight into what the Cameroon infantry possess. This, they say, will help them strategize and be on the alert.


It is hardly inappropriate to deduce that the only language la Republique understands perfectly well is violence. To this end, resistance has to be the answer to that call, laments the Ambazonian youth.

Elvis T.E Ndimba.

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